This Is Your Invitation To Join Us Within The Self Made Society 
Picture this… It’s a typical Monday morning — you wake up leisurely, brimming with energy and pumped to start the day. Before you begin your morning routine, you sneak a peek at your phone. Just as you expected, money has flowed into your account overnight… while you were sleeping… for doing something that you LOVE.

A familiar smile lights up your face and you feel So. Damn. Grateful. for the turn your life has taken. In a matter of months, everything has changed — your stress levels, your relationships, your bank account, your health, the way you spend your days, everything… You feel more alive than you’ve felt in the longest time — maybe ever — and you’re actually turned on by your own life.

You know that some people look at you now, and think that you’re “lucky” — what with your spacious schedule, your passion-fuelled business, your Insta-worthy lifestyle, and the residual income that supports not just you but the people you love and the world you care about. 

But you know you’re not lucky. Blessed, certainly — from the day you were born. But luck? Not so much. You know precisely how this change came about: you saw The Self Made Society and you jumped on it — with clear eyes, open arms, and a full heart.

… and nothing’s ever been the same since.
Feeling this way about your life is NOT a pipe dream. And I should know...
… Because it’s MY life. I create my own schedule, I take holidays whenever I like, I travel to amazing places, I have a business that supports me abundantly… even when I'm not actually “working”.

So there's no surprise I want to share how I did it with other women, and that's how The Self Made Society was born.

But before we get to that, let’s start at the beginning…
Life used to look very different...
Four years ago I was studying full-time for a PhD. From the outside, everything looked great. I was on track for a successful career in Psychology and make my parents proud...

...but on the inside I was desperately unhappy. I didn't feel aligned with my path at all. 

I had previously read a fantastic book all about the 'laptop lifestyle' and I fell completely in love. I started to dream of running my own business, travelling the world and making the kind of money that could make not only my dreams come true but also allow me to give back to my family, community and the world. 

BUT I had absolutely no idea where to start, or what to do. 

All I knew that I didn't want a 'regular' job. I didn't want to trade my time for money, work 9-5, ask a boss when I can go on holiday and wait till I was 70 to retire and see the world. 

Most of all, I wanted freedom. 

Then an opportunity fell into my lap. 

An opportunity to start my own business that was going to give me EVERYTHING I was looking for. 

Little did I know it was going to change my life beyond recognition...

You can hear more about my story by clicking here.
Social Marketing found me and it changed my life...
Over the past four years being involved in the Social Marketing industry has completely changed my life....

Profit: My business has given me over £300,000+ in revenue over the past 3 years. This has given me financial freedom at the tender age of just 30 years old and provided me with a lifestyle and choices that most people only dream of. 

Annual Bonuses: I have qualified twice for a share of our company profits, totalling over £70,000.

Free travel: I have qualified for five free 5* trips and have travelled to Mexico, South Africa, Greece, Dubai and Dallas totally for free and with spending money provided. 

Friendships: I have made some of the best friends I've ever known through my Network Marketing company. There's nothing like spending time with women who are positive, driven and want more from life...just like you!

Freedom: I have been fully self-employed since mid 2016. I've used my income and freedom to travel extensively as this is a huge passion of mine! In addition to the free holidays I've taken, I have travelled to places such as Antigua, Jamaica, Bali, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. In November 2017 I spent the month travelling across Australia...and still got paid. The impact that my business has had on my lifestyle is incredible. 
Incentives: I've been lucky enough to qualify for many of the company incentives including the car plan programme. This means my beautiful Audi A5 coupe is paid for by the company. 
My own journey has inspired me to create something new and unique within the Social Marketing industry. A system that makes starting your own Social Marketing business as automated, streamlined, and ‘no-brainer-ish’ as possible…. even if you have zero business experience! A system where you can plug into a tribe of amazing women on a similar mission to you. To live life BIG, to create financial abundance and tick off every single thing on their bucket list. 
The Self Made Society is the new way for millennial women to earn, impact & experience the world.
My mission with The Self Made Society is to give millennial women the tools and teachings to create their own wildly successful business within the Social Marketing industry.

I have reverse engineered my 7-figure business for you so you’ll have every single thing you need to get your own business up and running... With none of the guesswork, trial-and-error, or expensive time-wasting that usually goes into building a successful biz.

At The Self Made Society we thrive on using Collaborative Leadership. At the centre of our success is creating and nurturing incredible leaders who lift up and inspire those around them. 

We work together to create something remarkable and change all our lives in the process ... as well as the lives of countless others. 

This is your opportunity to plug into a unique system that will allow you to build a freedom-based business how YOU want to. 

I have created a vault of powerhouse resources — including manuals, workshops, checklists, templates and more that you get completely for FREE when you join with me on. 

Essentially you are getting a 'business in a box.' 
How Does It Work? 

The beauty of using The Self Made Society is that most of the 'logistics' part of the business is taken care for you. This is because you will be partnering with an amazing company and becoming an affiliate and ambassador of their incredible, natural wellness and self-care products. 

At The Self Made Society we are beyond proud to partner with an amazing, 40 year old industry leading company. Here are just a few reasons they are amazing... 

  •  Charity: They partner with high-impact charitable organisations around the world that share our passion for improving the lives of children. Our partners share our mission to Make a Difference by providing funds, facilities, and education to help fight against poverty, hunger, and the lack of medical services available for children. You can be sure that this is a company that you can be proud to stand behind. For example, every year at our annual global company convention, all business owners get together to pack hundreds of thousands of meals for those living in poverty.
  • Product: A huge range of high-quality, natural wellness products for you to go out and share with the world on your mission. We partner with the number one grower of aloe vera and bee hive based products in the world. You can browse the entire range of products by clicking here
  •  Security: Forever Living are a 40 year old company with stability that other companies are in awe in. We have had continuous growth and span across almost 160 countries so you can build a global empire using the blueprint. 
  •  Generosity: Forever Living have the best incentives on offer in the whole Social Marketing industry, including Chairman's Bonus that offers a share of the company's profits every single year. They pay business owners millions of dollars in extra bonuses every year at exciting destinations all over the world. I have personally collected almost $100,000 in places such as Dubai and South Africa. Forever Living also have one of the best compensation plans available. You can get more in-depth information on the compensation plan by clicking here. 
  •  Flexibility: You can work your business around whatever you have going on. I built a 6-figure around a full-time PhD. It's not about 'having' the time, it's about 'finding' the time. 
Here's a sneak peek of what you'll get when you start using The Self Made Society...
An exclusive online members area jam-packed with absolutely everything you need to quickly grow an income and a successful business. Including modules on...

• Planning your business and identifying the people you’d most like to ‘free’ and show the blueprint to. 

• How to set goals that give you goosebumps and how to cultivate the mindset you need to achieve them ALL.

• The best way to start sharing your passion with family and friends (and the rockstar strategy to get them interested and excited).

• How to market your chosen products in a way that aligns and feels authentic to you. 

• EXACTLY how to lead your first online (or offline) 'Wellness Workshop' (including the secret weapon that unlocks sales, and how to ‘close’ your class like a pro).

• Tons of pre-made ideas for using the products that you can share with your network.

• Learning how to let go of your 'ickiness' around selling and sell without the slime. 

• How to build an abundant and stable ‘tree’ within Forever so that you can maximise your compensation. 

Unrivalled support and encouragement not just from me but from an amazing tribe of women on the same mission to live a life of freedom, abundance and contribution. 

• Six 1-1 on-boarding sessions with me (Anna) to help you get the intimate and bespoke support and advice you need in the infancy of your business. 

• Access to our fortnightly group Momentum Sessions — where we’ll dissect the strategies and mindset that go into creating a passion fuelled lifestyle biz (this is like having access to a high-end motivational mastermind, for free!) and take action right there and then to build your biz together.

• Membership in our exclusive Facebook group as well as other Facebook groups —I'll be hanging out in these sacred spaces to share insights, answer your questions, and cheer you on.

• Fortnightly online trainings from leaders within our team and reccognition for YOU and your hard work.
It really is as simple as 1, 2, 3...
1. Order your starter pack.
Order your starter pack for £199.75 and receive 18 gorgeous products to start using and playing with. 
2. Start sharing the products. 
It's going to be hard not to share the products when you see the benefits they have on your health and life. Create your own retail packages that align to you and the impact you want to have on others or plug into the ones we have created for you!
3. Start sharing the business opportunity. 
Dive into the members area and learn how to best share this blueprint with those you love and want to set free. 
"But I've heard such bad things about Social Marketing?!"
Call it Network Marketing, call it Affiliate Marketing, call it Collaborative's all really the same thing. 

It's just sharing products you genuinely use and love, and showing other people how to do the same. 

I had this same fear too. But can I let you in on a little secret? You’re already a network marketer. In fact, we all are.

Think back for a moment… That movie you recommended to your mum? And that pair of yoga pants you told your bestie about? That’s network marketing in action. And you can bet your bottom dollar that your mum and your bestie were both so grateful for a recommendation from someone they could trust.

Now imagine if you got paid for making recommendations just like that —- for products you already love and believe in.

That’s all that network marketing is, and when it works? When it’s undertaken with love and integrity? Well, there’s no more powerful business model in the world.
The true gift, however, is that you’re not just creating freedom for yourself… you’ll be creating it for your loved ones too.
Through using the Self Made Society I have been able to not only tick so many things off my bucket list but I have been able to do the same for my family. In 2016 I took my whole family to South Africa and you can see us celebrating my first profit share cheque in the photo opposite.

Imagine having a business that allowed your partner to quit his stressful job s, or that meant your mum never had to worry about money again. This is the true gift of network marketing — you can set up residual income streams that allow you to “free” the people you love from financial struggle and jobs they no longer enjoy.

I have already freed many women and counting. 

Who will you free alongside with you? 
Who Is The Self Made Society For? 
  •  You’re lit up by collaboration, sisterhood, and being able to give back to your community and world.
  •  You desire freedom, in all areas of your life — your income, your time, your wellbeing, all of it.
  •  You’re a self-starter. You’re willing to show up, dive deep, and share from your heart.
  •  You’re not afraid to be told ‘no’. (You know it means that you’re one step closer to the next ‘yes’!)
  •  You know that a rising tide lifts all ships — so you love celebrating your the achievement's of others and lifting others up.
  •  You are passionate about your own health and wellness and about helping other women thrive in these areas. 
Who Is The Self Made Society NOT For? 
  •  You’re not someone who takes action. Collaborative business rewards those who show up and give generously. If you’re looking for a silver bullet or a free ride, you’re in the wrong place.
  •  You’re easily derailed by comparison. There are going to be women all around you hitting goals and kicking butt. If that kind of thing inspires the pants off you, you’re in the right place. But if it makes you want to curl up in a ball, I kindly suggest a different path.
  •  You don’t use health or wellness products. This is authentic business at its best. So passion for the product is a prerequisite. If you’re new to our products, or new to this company, your first step is to get yourself some Forever Living goodies by purchasing the Start Your Journey pack and have a play. When you fall in love with them (and I know you will!), if you decide to take your journey further, I’ll be right here waiting for you.
Don't overthink it...
What's the worst that can happen?

The worst case scenario is that you buy some incredible products (trust me it's like Christmas when the box arrives) and realise the business opportunity isn't for you...

The best case scenario is your financial and physical health dramatically changes for the better! Or your life could completely change. 

Before I joined, I kept on questioning if it was the "right" decision. Finally, I just decided to buy the starter pack and see what would happen next. 

Even just taking a small step is so much more empowering that going through the stress of indecision. However, if you have more questions please feel free to book in for a free call with Anna.

Like everything in life, you’ll only get out of this program what you put into it. We'll be there to support you all the way, but (of course) I can’t guarantee you the same results. That part comes from showing up, doing the work, and staying the course! That said, we want you to feel amazing about investing in yourself. We offer an industry leading Returns Policy, so if you give the products a go and decide it's not for you, simply get in touch with the amazing team within 60-days to organise a full refund.
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